INTERESTING INFO: In 1991 there was an eclipse of the sun. In Mexico,thousands of people seen
LOTS of UFOs in the sky at one time. They became visible because of the eclipse. This is how the
sun technique was discovered. This event coincided with Mayan prophecy which predicted that in
1991 'new age of enlightenment would come to the masses'.
Just use the roof of a building to block out the center of the sun
and look in the corona- the glow oaround the sun.
the hours of 10 am and 2 pm are the best times to look.  
Actually once you get used to seeing them using the SUN
Technique, your more likely going to see them all over! You can
use binoculars, a camcorder or you can see them with your
naked eye. When using a camcorder set the focus to infinity.
For binoculars focus them in on for distance. For example
find the farthest thing from you like a tree or mountain.
You might notice bugs flying around and tree fur etc. Although
it's easy to tell the difference. The key is to focus your sight on
the sky, up high and near the corona of the sun. If you have
poor eye sight wear your glasses. Sunglasses help if you are
sensitive to light, put them over your eye glasses. The roof and
sky might seem kinda blurry
at first when using equipment, ignore the blurry roof, the ufos
will come in clearly. Some move slow some move fast. Some
are so fast you can only catch them on video that must be
viewed frame by frame. Most of them are way, way up there.
Others are much closer. Usually they disappear quickly the
further away from the sunlight they get.
However, a few will coast halfway across the blue sky. These
are usually the slow moving ones.. It's fun to watch. In 'Ufos
Over Phoenix' we will teach you this technique. And show you
some of the objects we caught on film. Anyone who isn't blind
CAN succeed with this method.
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